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German Antique Reproduction Molds

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MD0987 China Head

MD2076 Dream Baby

MD2078 Heubach Boy

MD2088H JDK Hilda 2 sizes

MD2149H Kestner 164

MD2254 Bye-Lo 3 sizes

Size 1       Size 2    Size 3

MD2340 Eye Mold

MD2363 K*R321

MD2424 Heubach Pouty

MD2427 JDK221 Googly

MD2440 JDK237 Hilda 2 sizes

MD2441 Large Cutie

MD2442 K*R Simon & Halbig

MD2447 JDK Oriental Baby

MD2464 K*R114 Kammer &Reinhardt

MD2523 Century Baby

MD2561 JDK 237 Hilda Size 01   02  03  04

MD2585 B&P Oscar

MD2593 K*R Mein Liebling

Size 01       Size 02

MD2594 Heubach Grumpy Gerbruder

MD2623 Franz Schmidt

MD2698 Kestner XII

MD2665 Name Plate Molds


To Order Call 1-888-833-8725 or email

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