Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Bell Collection, LLC Sell Finished Dolls?

No, Bell sells supplies for the hobbyist to make finished dolls. Finished dolls are  available through the IFDM's Doll Exchange International web site: www.dollexchange. com

Can I Order Supplies Directly From Bell?

Bell only sells direct to customers who are not in a distributor's area. See Our Distributor Listing.

What is Porcelain Slip?

Porcelain slip is a liquid clay formulation that fires to a fine translucent bisque and is  non-porous at maturity. It is used to produce porcelain dolls, figurines, etc.

What is a Doll Mold?

Doll molds are made of a special plaster formulation that is used to produce greenware.  Porcelain slip is poured into the mold, which  absorbs water from the slip. The excess porcelain is poured out of the mold leaving a wall of porcelain in the mold. When the  mold is opened, you have a greenware piece.

What is Greenware?

This is the piece taken from the mold in its unfired state.

What is Bisque?

Greenware becomes bisque after it is fired in a kiln. A kiln is an insulated chamber or oven that attains temperatures over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit

What is China Paint?

China paints are mineral based colors that fuse to the surface of porcelain when fired to  approximately 1 328 degrees Fahrenheit in a  kiln. With experience, you will find some colors perform a little better with more or less heat.

Where Can I Learn To Make Porcelain Dolls?

Contact The Intemational Foundation of Doll Makers for a listing of seminars near you:  PO Box 1 201 87 Clermont, Florida USA 34712-0187 Ph#1(352)394-1404 (8:30am - 4:30pm EST) Fax#  1(352)394-1270 E-Mail:

I Am Not An Artist. Can I Make Porcelain Dolls?

Yes, with today's modern methods and tools, dollmaking has become a hobby and/or  business for many people who had never made a doll  before. We recommend seminars sponsored by The Intemational Foundation of Doll Makers to learn the correct and easy methods.

Why Are You Called The Bell Collection, LLC When You Manufacture Porcelain and Other Related Products?

All fired clays are considered ceramics. Even though it is perceived that fired pottery is  ceramics, the true definition of ceramics includes all fired clays.

Do You Sell Greenware, Bisque and Replacement Doll Parts?

No, we sell the materials to produce these items. Contact your local distributor for these items.

Do You Conduct Tours of Your Factory?

We have a retail showroom which is open to the public. However, we are not set up for tours of our factory.

What Are the Showroom's Hours?

We are open Monday through Friday, 9:00am - 12:00pm (EST) and then reopen from 1:00 pm- 4:30 pm (EST).


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