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The Jumeau Company has a long history in the doll and toy industries. Our molds focus on the bebes  which the Jumeau Company produced during their peak  production years, the beautiful "EJs" and the  "Tête Jumeaus." Jumeau was the creator of the first bébé or "child" doll with a registered trademark of  "Bébé  Jumeau." Other companies soon followed suit with their own bébé creations. The Jumeau  Company won numerous awards at many World's Fairs and trade shows  for their line of dolls, not  only for their workmanship and innovative ideas, but also for the affordability of their dolls. They were  one of the first companies to Produce  composition bodies and human-like eyes. During their production years, Jumeau produced more dolls than any other French doll manufacturer.

** Denotes Original Antique Shown
* Denotes Antique Reproduction Shown



Jumeau Déposé. Can also be done as an Ethnic doll with brown eyelashes and brows;
Fits 17" French Body

        E12J Head Mold
        Head C-12" FH 221/2/"

        Clothing Pattern


Long Face Jumeau**

The Long Face was also referred to as Jumeau Triste (meaning sad) and Cody Jumeau;
Fits 20" French Body

        Cody Jumeau Head Mold
        Head C-14" FH 26"

        Clothing Pattern



Most notable characteristics of this beautiful doll are her elongated shape face and lowered eyebrows;
Fits 17" French Body

        EJA10 Head Mold         Head C-12" FH 22" RP2620
        Clothing Pattern


Unmarked French*

An unusual French doll, possibly produced by S.F.B.J. circa 1920;
Fits 12" French Body

        Unmarked French Head Mold
        Head C-9 1/2" FH 16"

        Clothing Pattern


Emile Jumeau**

Dolls marked with EJ are among the first dolls to be produced by Jumeau;
Fits 17" French Body

        Jumeau Head Mold
        Head C-12" FH 22"

        Clothing Pattern




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