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Johannes Daniel Kestner, Jr. is by far the most well-known of all the German doll makers and should  probably be regarded as the "Father of the Waltershausen Doll Industry," since  he was most certainly  the first in the area. Kestner was more than likely the only company to produce both heads and  bodies, thereby producing its own complete doll. Of all the  German character babies produced,  Kestner' "Hilda" has captured the hearts of collectors and reproduction artists through the ages. The  Kestner company subsequently rode out  World War I and the Great Depression and finally merged with Kammer & Reinhardt in 1930.

**Denotes Original Antique Shown
*Denotes Antique Reproduction Shown


Kestner 164*

Dolly Face Doll has an open mouth with either 2 or 4 teeth; found on German ball jointed body; Fits 17" German Body



Kestner XII**

Very rare early German child doll; May be done as a child or young lady. This photo of the antique is one of the few in existence.




JDK 221 Googly**

Large round, side-glancing eyes make this "Googly" the most desired of Kestner dolls; Fits 13" German Body

MD2427         JDK Googly Head Mold
Head C-91/4" FH 16"



JDK 237 Hilda**

This adorable character baby with a soft, subtle look is produced in several sizes;
Can also be made as a Black baby

MD2440        Hilda Head Mold


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