Gold Marque Molds

The Gold Marque Artist Series is an exclusive line of top-quality,   internationally-designed modern artist dolls. These molds focus on original porcelain dolls with lifelike "personalities" included in the series of  children,  babies, and young ladies. In order to be selected for the Gold Marque Artist Series of molds, each doll must be:


  • An interesting, unique or lifelike
  • An outstanding sculpture
  • A doll with a high potential for the individual and collector

The gold seal representing the Gold Marque Artist SeriesBwill appear on each head mold as a sign of  quality and authenticity. These molds may be purchased through authorized Bell  Distributors or  directly from the Bell Factory in Clermont, Florida. There are currently 22 molds in the Gold Marque Artist Series Line.


An Original Sculpture by Darlene Lane

Head Circum. 13"
Doll Ht. 28"
Also available as Petite Scarlett in 20-1/2" Size.)

Baby Pauli

An Original Sculpture by Ursula Walter

Available in Two Sizes:
Head Circum. 13-1/4"
Doll Ht. 21-1/2"

Small Baby Pauli:
Head Circum. 9-1/2"
Doll Ht. 14-3/4"

One of our newest GM dolls


An original sculpture by Theresa LoBue

Head circum. 13"
Doll Ht. 25"


Another new GM doll


An original sculpture by Berdine Creedy

Head circum. 13"
Doll Ht. 25"


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