Doll Making Supplies

Dollmaking Accessories

Bell carries a full line of products to complete the look of your doll. From doll shoes and hosiery, to eyes, eyelashes, and   assembling supplies, Bell's Dollmaking Accessories will help add those special "finishing touches" to you modern or antique reproduction doll.

Doll Shoes

9 styles from baby, to toddler, to young ladies, are available.

Mary Jane (Sabrina) Shoe


French Shoe

Socks & Stockings

8 types of socks & stockings are available.

Anklet Socks with Lace

Knee Stockings

Plain White Tights


Double Lashes
in 4 colors

Baby Lashes
in 3 colors

Modern Lashes
Medium Brown & Auburn

Modern lashes
Larger Dolls

Medium Brown & Auburn

Dolls Eyes

Glastic Realistic (Shown), Also Available: Glastic, Round, Glass Crystal, Hand Glass Paperweight,  Perfect  Fantasy Eyes are all part of the wide assortment ot eyes available. A wide variety of  colors available Including the most popular types for modern and antique  reproduction dolls. Size  range from 8mm to 24mm. Ask your Bell Distributor or call direct to find out which colors  and sizes are available In the style of your choice.


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