Bell Brushes

Good quality artist brushes are made from a variety of hair types and are either synthetic fibre (man made) or natural fibre  (animal). These fibres are very often blended within their respective fibre  groups to obtain the maximum in brush  effectiveness, performance and durability Manufactured by the most skilled of European craftspeople, Bell's entire collection of  brushes has been developed  especially for dollmaking and fine decorative work. From construction to finish, Bell uses only  the finest natural and synthetic fibres available. There are 29 brushes in the Bell Line specially  designed for the doll  artist.

RBB408 Lip Brush (Squirrel Hair) - This brush was specifically designed to help achieve smooth lips with water base mediums.  As the squirrel hair is so soft, the paint needs to be fairly fluid  in consistency for a smooth application; Excellent for  painting other small areas like the nose & eye dots, tear ducts, and underbrows.

RBB204 Precision Brow (Squirrel Hair) - A magnificent liner with a full base for holding paint and a 2 to 3 hair point tip, producing the finest of lines; The basic design was constructed to execute exquisite, flawing brow strokes; May also be used for some lashes, underbrows, and one stroke brews.

RBB100 Eye Shader (Synthetic) - A small square shader with a side slant cut, enabling the user to side load the brush with ease. Primarily used for laying in the iris color of the eye and giving color intensity Variation in a single stroke; Can also be used for eyelid and lip shading; Use with water base mediums.

RBB404 Super Cat's Tongue (Pure Sable) - A wonderful brush that can be used with oil or water base mediums. Its hair strength and resilience make it ideal for working with dense paint mixtures. The fine, sharp tip makes this brush ideal for painting lips and decorative detail.

RBB001 Mini Mop (Natural Hair Blend) - Small with shorter hairs, this soft brush offers more ease of control for over blending and applying color to forehead and temples. Perfect for blending out brush hair marks on cheeks. As with all our mops, can be used with either water base or oil base mediums

RBB006 Blusher China Mop (Natural Hair Blend) - Soft yet firm enough to give the user maximum capabilities in color blending and blush application. Also used for polishing overall washes.


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