Bell China Paints

*Denotes colors are available in dry or premixed.

Carefully selected and blended for the doll artist who desires the ultimate in china paint color and  performance. Use dry china paint powders with either water or oil base mediums. Our moist premixed   color are for use with oil base mediums. All colors are gloss, unless indicated by the word "matte." All the  colors in our line are suitable for decorative work and painting dolls. There are 63 colors in our original  line--below is just a sample:

The Neutrals - Use these colors to create varying tones for all painting techniques. Add white to create tints, and black to create shades.

CP0302 Gloss White*:  Semi-opaque, high gloss white;  Mix with other colors to lighten, or use alone for teeth and eyes.

CP0386 Ebony Black* : An intense black used for lashes on  French and German dolls; Mix with a heavy medium (CP0274) for solid, gloss  coverage. Good as a mixing color with brown for a true black/brown.

Greens - Shades of green for design work and decorative painting on pixies,  fairies, and painted eye techniques

CP0309 Shading Green* : Dark green; Excellent for shading other  greens & colors in design work, jewelry, & figurines.

CP0308 Leaf Green* : Beautiful medium green for leaves, jewelry, and ornaments

Blues- A wide variety of colors for use in eye painting, decorative work or for   mixing with other colors to create new hues

CP0388 Deep Blue Eyes : Deep blue with a hint of violet  undertones; Wonderful for painted eyes on modern dolls & accenting or shading on  lighter blues; An authentic color for French or German children and lady dolls

CP0371 Smokey Blue : Medium blue-gray; Excellent for eye color  on many antique reproductions with painted eyes; Perfect for hair bows, shoes  & bonnets on all bisque dolls.

Reds - Excellent colors for lips and cheeks; This selection of reds is classified   as iron-based colors. (Refer to information on mixing with gold-based colors.) Caution should be used when mixing with, or  applying over, wet yellows (Yellows are  strong and consume reds.) If using as an overall wash, add Essence of Rose or  Fluxing Agent to the paint mixture.

CP0397 Primrose Pink : A dewy soft, rosy pink; Wonderful for  modern doll lips and cheeks; Perfect choice for lips on early French dolls, all  over delicate washes, and for baby doll lips, cheeks, and nail work

CP0398 Rosewood : A stronger rose tone for cheeks & overall  blushes; A good companion color to Primrose Pink for shading & accenting;  Great color for medium to dark shades of brown porcelain

Soft Effects Lip Kit - Bell's Original Formula Dry China Paints in 5 lovely  colors lip painting colors; Oil or water base  medium (Lip Medium and Lip Additive) are also included. Use the complete  technique (included) to paint beautiful lips.

Soft Effects Eye Painting Kit - Bell's Lead-Free Formula Dry China Paints in 6  perfect eye painting colors plus a  Finishing Glaze and the complete eye painting technique are included (Mediums sold  separately.)

Yellows - Use for decorative work or for mixing with other colors

CP0312 Albert Yellow* : Dark yellow; works well as a primary color for mixing (except with  reds) and especially good for toning browns; Use for  decorative work on figurines, bisque dolls, and jewelry

Flesh Tones - Use for overall washes or  alone for decorative work on fig urines and ornaments. When  using as a wash, add Fluxing Agent or Essence of Rose to the paint mixture

CP0393 Oriental Flesh* : Warm golden brown skin tone; Can be used over blue white  or tinted por celain for some Oriental antique  reproduction & modern dolls, Nice soft color for molded hair

Browns - Eyebrow and eyelash colors used to  create a wide range of natural colors, as well as for decorative work

CP0317 Yellow Brown* : Soft golden blonde; Beautiful for painted hair and smudged baby  brows; Produces a wonderful shade of brown when  mixed with Jumeau Brow

CPO382 Ash Blonde* : Used extensively on early French & German dolls; The undertone is  ash with a hint of green. More commonly seen on early  Jumeau and Bru dolls

CPO381 Jumeau Brow* : Deep rich warm brown with ash undertones; Color matches  tone of antique Jumeau doll brews and lashes; May also  be used as an overall wash in varying intensities. Good color for eyes and modern dolls.

CPO374 Brown Sable : A strong deep brown with a hint of red-gold; Stronger intensity than  Finishing Brown; The most popular color for exotic  washes over white or colored bisque; Perfect for brows, lashes, and painted eyes

Reds & Purples - (All colors in this  section contain gold.) For a smooth application, apply thin coats. Colors  may be mixed with most colors. When mixing with iron-based colors, a larger portion of  the iron-based  color must be added; These colors will accommodate a wide firing range (from 019 to 016.) Colors can vary  slightly in different heat. For best  results, they should be test-fired first. For overall washes, mix either Fluxing  Agent or Essence of Rose (4 to 1 ratio) into the paint mixture.

CPO341 Barely Pink : A beautiful shade of pale pink; May be used alone for decorative  work, or in layers with other colors for unusual effects  (Soft Effect" Lip Technique); May also be used as a thin wash in the first firing

CP0344 Contours : A select blend of colors designed to give a warm, natural look when  shading and contouring, especially on modern  dolls;Works well as a light wash

CP0340 Royal Violet* : Very brilliant &  intense dark purple for all types of design work, mixing with other colors, and as a base coat on eye  painting

20 Popular Dollmaking Colors are also available in Lead-Free.

They offer a beautiful sheen that fires true. A color chart and price infer mation are available through your Local  Bell Distributor or write direct.



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