Porcelain Artist Seminar Schedule

Porcelain Design Seminars & Certification by The Bell Collection, LLC

Among the many techniques in this program, you will encounter china paints,
underglazes, lace draping, and slip designs.
Create treasured porcelain pieces, including vases, boxes, eggs, and figurines in these
four  (4) two day seminars.

To receive a FREE full color brochure on this exciting new program, send $1.00 for
shipping and handling to:
The Bell Collection, LLC., Attn: Porcelain Artist
P.O. Box 697
Cedar Hill, Texas 75106




Porcelain Artist II

Oct 27,28

1400 E Pomona
Santa Ana, CA 92705
714-541-4157 Dee




Porcelain Artist III

Nov 13,14

Interstate Ceramics
560 N State Street
Orem, UT 84055
801-226-1144 Donna

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