For detailing, assembly, and cleaning, Bell carries over 50 types of tools and supplies to make the job easy!

RTK 102 K-26 Finger Tool

Precision-ground and formed to provide a very sharp cutting tip for cleaning & shaping the delicate fingers and hands in  porcelain greenware dolls & figurines

RTK 109 F-97 Mold Trimming Knife

Soft flexible steel blade set in wood handle. Used to trim the pour hole waste and carving and sculpting tasks

RTK 120 Disposable Sharp Knife

Scalpel with a fine thin line blade and plastic handle; Lightweight & easy to use for seamlines, eye cutting and trimming

RTK 114 Eye Setting Tool

A special tool used to hold the eye during insertion into the eye socket; The cradle end is made of flexible stainless steel  allowing the steel shank to be bent to the proper angle for insertion

RTK 103 Lg DCL Detai Carving Tool

RTK 104 Sm DCS Detail Carving Tool

A curved blade and extra sharp cutting point make detailing small areas easy; Specially designed for cleaning and shaping delicate  fingers, hands, teeth, hair, and small facial features in porcelain  greenware, dolls and figurines

RTK 115 Mini Palette Knife

For grinding and mixing small quantities of china paint and medium; The blades are made of finest flexible steel and are a perfect  size to fit into china paint vials.

RTB 130 Plastic Fettling Knife

Plastic mold trimming knife used to cut away excess clay from spare of slip cast items before removing from the mold

RTK 107 UK1 Razor Knife

RTK 108 Replacement Blades 5/Tube

A surgically sharp tool with interchangeable blade; Ideal for fine cuts & seamlines on greenware; All purpose cutting tool

RTK 112 Double Ball Stylus

Excellent for detailing and embossing; Each ball end is made of stainless steel and set in a smooth hardwood handle

RTK 101 K-23 Clean-Up Tool

A good, all-purpose cleaning tool; The sharp edges clean and smooth seam lines; Also good for removing and applying eye wax.

Quality Tools by Master Eye Beveler

RF1004 - RF1034 Master Eye Bevelers

An exceptional tool with extra fine abrasive surface is used to create perfect eye sockets. Can be used wet or dry. Available in 16  different sizes 4mm to 34mm

RF1101 - RF1104 Soft Tips

Four different shapes with new felt tips for softening edges, adding and/or  reshaping detail to mouth, eyelids, ears, nose, etc. Use wet or dry

RF1116 Master Diamond Perfecter

A must have tool for doll makers! Extra fine tip, very versatile tool is used to remove imperfections. Removes beading of paint from  fired bisque and eliminates a double lashes

RF1121 & RF1122 No Chip Piercing Tool

Use on dry greenware or soft fired bisque; Pierce doll ears with ease. In two sizes

RF1124 Fine Detail Stylus A7

Needle with a bent tip. Perfect for defining, sculpting, or scoring detail on doll parts, especially teeth.


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