Bell Wigs

Our collection of innovative designs constructed by expert craftspeople are made of modacrylic  fibers, with the look and feel of human hair. Each one of our wigs contains a stretch cap which  allows it to fit two sizes. The Bell line includes 33 beautiful styles and 13 colors.

A = Auburn
B = Blonde
BK = Black
CR = Carrot Red

DB = Dark Brown
GB = Garnet Brown
LB = Light Brown
LC = Light Copper

PB = Pale Blonde
PLB = Platinum Blonde
S = Strawberry
SB = Sunburst Blonde
W = White

Vanessa Wig
Available in 9/10, 11/12 &
13/14 in B & LB
Shown on "Vanessa" by Bell

Sabrina Wig
Available in 11/12 &
13/14 in PLB & LC
Shown on "Sabrina" by Bell

Trixy Wig
Available in 11/12, 13/14, &
15/16 in B, LB, & LC
Shown on "Corrie" by Bell

Heidi Wig
Available in 7/8 & 11/12 in PLB
Shown restyled on "Cassie" &
"Heidi" (inset) by Bell

Susi Wig
Available in 8/9 in LC. Also available in 11/12, &
13/14 in LC
Shown braided & brushed out (inset)  on  "Susi" by Bell

Tiffany Wig
Available in 7/8 in LC. Also
available in 9/10, 11/12, 13/14,
and 15/16 in A, B, S, LB,
CR, PB, & BK
Shown on "Jessie" &
"Abigail" (inset) by Bell


The Bell Collection, LLC
P.O. Box 697
Cedar Hill, Texas 75106
Phone 972-299-9680
Fax 972-291-9601
All materials copyrighted The Bell Collection, LLC 1997-2006

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